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Making health scanning available and affordable for everyone, everywhere. joined Founders Factory's accelerator program to scale their diagnostic imaging platform globally, offering patients and clinicians the freedom to book MRI, CT, ultrasound and other medical scans worldwide.

During the program, the team were able to raise a seed extension round led by top VC funds, significantly increase their supply and demand and launch into two new countries.

Where they are now



Through Founders Factory's introductions to top VC funds, were able to raise a seed extension round led by Oxford Capital, YZR, Founders Factory, KM Capital and well-known industry angels.


Revenue growth

With a 40% increase in demand, and 84% increase in supply, plus solid growth support, the team were able increase their revenue by 117%.


New countries launched

The team unlocked strategic opportunities in Germany and the USA during the program.

“Working with the FF team was an absolute pleasure, they helped our team unlock so much value. Their support and guidance was particularly helpful in our £2.2M seed extension round, with their investment team making over 30 introductions to top European VC funds. Furthermore, their growth team helped us hire Tom, our amazing Head of Growth, and support him with the guidance to build a solid growth team"

Why we invested in

Our health and that of our loved ones is everything. Medical imaging technologies are essential to diagnosing and preventing illness and have the potential to save many lives. But access for patients is complex and costs can be prohibitive. enables patients to book a scan at the widest selection of scanning centres at lower prices than they can direct at a private hospital or health clinic. Partnering with we hope to make scanning available and affordable for everyone, everywhere.

More Success Stories

Dr Kyle Grant and Tom de Wilton, Co-founders

"Founders Factory's accelerator turned out to be a real leg-up for our business. We received mentorship from some of the best minds at Reckitt Benckiser (RB), and we're soon to launch a game-changing partnership with one of their household brands.

Not to mention how Founders Factory equipped us with the skills and know-how to scale our business into two new cities and hire our first team. "

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