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We're looking for founders using technology to shape the future of hygiene, and the homes we live in. Join our home & hygiene accelerator or venture studio program, in partnership with Reckitt Benckiser, here in London.

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Opportunities we're most excited by

The new conscious consumer

Consumers are more conscious than ever about the impact of their purchasing decisions. Making environmentally sustainable choices remains as important as ever, although concepts of racial and social justice are increasingly important, especially to younger audiences. And brands find themselves under incredible scrutiny, particularly when it comes to claims of environmental and social responsibility. We are looking for new ventures that can help deliver trust across the entire value chain, from products and services helping brands deliver on their ethical promises to new ventures helping consumers lead a more sustainable life.
Example startups: Supply Compass, Loop, WeBuyBlack

Wellbeing in the home

The world has been spending a lot of time indoors lately, and the importance of the home environment - with its impact on our mood and sense of wellbeing - has never been clearer. Parents, the elderly, caregivers and remote workers are all bracing themselves for winter at home and the challenges that will incur.
We are looking for new products and services that help home dwellers make the best of their space by elevating their environment and living as comfortably and conveniently as possible.
Example startups: Molekule, Moodo, Chewy

Changing urban environments

The shape and nature of cities are about to change dramatically. If we no longer need to be in the office on a regular basis, and no longer need to live close to our workplace, then the shift of world towards urban areas is likely to slow - and could even reverse. This will have a big impact on working and living environments and practices. We are looking for new products and services that will help individuals and cities adapt to this new normal.
Example startups: Codi, AndCo, Oxwash

eCommerce enablers

Covid-19 has accelerated the already rapid shift of commerce from the offline and physical to the online and digital. Consumer habits are changing rapidly and, in many cases, permanently as the need to stay at home and avoid physical contact makes e-commerce necessary - and ubiquitous. And with necessity being the mother of invention, that provides an opportunity to help e-commerce brands and businesses invent, build, grow and go to market. We’re looking for tech-enabled products and services that will enable this new wave of e-commerce.
Example startups: Faire, Ohi, Thrasio

Heightening hygiene

Human beings are more conscious about hygiene and associated habits than at any time in the last 100 years. This heightened awareness extends to every element of our lives - from home to public spaces through to work and the vehicles in which we travel in to get there. We believe this growing awareness of issues pertaining to hygiene provides an opportunity to build new tech-enabled products and services that will help individuals to live safely and free from anxiety.
Example startups:, CleanedUp, FortyEight

Recently launched in our Home & Hygiene Sector

Our Home & Hygiene Accelerator

Our world-leading accelerator program invests in founders who have a product in market and early traction, who want to leverage our team and partners to scale.

Our Home & Hygiene Venture Studio

Our venture studio invests in entrepreneurs who want to build a startup from scratch, with almost zero risk. Bring us an idea, or apply to launch one of our existing concepts.

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