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The food sector is seeing unprecedented change, with three-quarters of the UK now doing at least some of their grocery shopping online and in less regular, larger baskets. Our relationship with food has also changed over the past months, with 80% of consumers now adopting a “food as medicine” approach to eating, according to Nielsen.

We see these changes as a huge opportunity to build and scale breakout businesses in the food space. That's why we’ve outlined where we think we should be making investments. If you're working in something in any of these spaces, we'd love to hear from you.

Product development

In line with the surge in grocery demand, we are looking for start-ups that make it easy for supermarkets and brands to quickly iterate and develop new food products. This could be across the end-to-end product development process, from predictive insights into shifting consumer tastes, right through to modular manufacturing and packaging design software. If you have a start-up or a business idea making product development in the food industry more seamless, do get in touch.


Brands and retailers are more committed than ever to finding innovative ways to reuse, recycle and reduce plastic. We’re looking for solutions that can do this at scale, in a cost-effective way - whether circular solutions or innovative new materials as alternatives to plastic food packaging. We’re also interested in start-ups reducing our dependence on land, water and nutrients - at the very start of the food value chain - through solutions such as vertical farming.

Making the right food choices

Over 2 million people in the UK are estimated to have a food allergy. On top of this, more and more consumers are actively choosing to limit certain food groups, for environmental or simply preventative reasons. As a result, our diets are becoming increasingly complex. We’re looking for technology that helps to access and navigate the right food choices easier, from food prescription platforms with tech-enabled nutritionist advice, right through to technology that diagnoses, prevents and monitors food allergies and wider health.

Future of the food workforce

The last few months have brought immense uncertainty for the hospitality industry and those it employs. We’re looking for technology that enables the food workforce to quickly adapt to these peaks and troughs in demand, with the flexibility to choose their stores and shifts using dynamic scheduling software or to quickly find new work. We’re also looking for tech enablers allowing the hospitality industry to benefit from a share of the growing eat-in market, such as dark kitchen solutions and delivery enablers.

Health & wellness

Never has society felt less ‘well’. The Covid-19 epidemic has already ushered in society’s biggest-ever health kick. We’re looking for start-ups addressing this growing market – from pharma tech all the way through to digitally-native D2C health supplement brands using the very latest in plant-based ingredients, personalised health and 3D printing.

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