We're investing in technology shaping the future of the beauty industry

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Stepping through the Beauty accelerator program

6-months of bespoke support + £30k

We design and implement a six-month program completely tailored to your startup's needs and growth objectives.

Startups joining the accelerator program also receive £30k in cash.

A team of functional experts

Our team are individuals with deep industry, investment and entrepreneurship experience. They will be on hand to support across growth, product, fundraising, design, talent, engineering, PR and more.

Access to the world's most influential companies

We're partnered with the world's largest corporates across sectors.

Depending on your company and it’s needs, corporate support could range from distribution, pilots, commercial partnerships, product validation through to investment and more.

In partnership with L'Oreal

When you join, we'll work with you and the team at L'Oreal to design a bespoke engagement plan. This will include all the ways that you could partner. Think sessions with their data and insights teams, mentorship and expertise from relevant business units, and opportunities for commercial pilots and contracts - and possibly even capital investment on your next round.

We're your team of functional experts

We're your team of industry experts, investors and entrepreneurs, and we're ready to work with you from day one.

Opportunities we're most excited by

Powering D2C Brands

We are interested in how technology and new platforms can make it easier for D2C brands to overcome the realities of sourcing manufacturers, intellectual property, fulfilment, logistics and marketing.

Elevating Community

Beauty communities are impacting the way the beauty industry operates ground-up, as we see an emergence of new means of social selling. We are looking for tools to help brands better engage with their buyer communities.

The True Cost of Quality

We are looking for ways to streamline the process of delivering quality to reduce cost and maximise efficiency, such as revolutionary new business models (e.g. Group Buying) that will allow brands to deliver quality at better value for customers.

Beauty Sleep

Like every good beauty routine, sleep is a daily, ritualistic exercise - one that influences your appearance and your mood like no other - yet one that is often overlooked by health tracking or adherence-focused businesses. We are looking for sleep-promoting tools or services in the beauty space.

Headless Commerce

eCommerce is shifting from monolithic to API first, with the frontend of the eCommerce experience decoupling from the backend. This means that multiple customer touchpoints where transactions take place connect seamlessly with business-critical processes like order and inventory management, payment processing, or shipping, enabling any content to become shoppable anywhere.

New Mediums: Voice, AR & Video

With beauty e-commerce on the rise, the use of voice, AR and video will become increasingly important in allowing customers to ask questions, experience products and purchase from home. We are looking for ideas that will bring new levels of quality and/or simplicity that make voice, AR or video interactions standard in the beauty industry/

Beauty Success Stories

Pavlo & Sam, Co-founders

"The Founders Factory accelerator helped us launch our product in the market, and provided outstanding support with performance and lifecycle marketing. The team also helped us develop our investor story and made some important introductions to angels and funds. The approach of Founders Factory is bespoke to each startup, and we highly recommend the experience to Founders looking to make an impact. "