Investing in Foxtrot Health—preventative platform for cognitive decline


Investing in Foxtrot Health—preventative platform for cognitive decline

Words Founders Factory

July 27th 2023 / 3 min read

The problem

The world’s cognitive health is in decline. 

Dementia is currently the seventh leading cause of death, and one of the major causes of disability and dependency among older people. More than 6 million Americans live with Alzheimer's; by 2050, this number is expected to double. Alzheimer's and other dementias are already costing the US $345 billion annually, and by 2050, these costs could rise to nearly $1 trillion. 

Around 40% of dementia cases, however, can be attributed to modifiable risk factors—meaning there is a huge opportunity for prevention and early intervention. Regular cognitive assessment could help catch mild cognitive decline: but existing methods of detection occur mostly in clinical settings, often when it is too advanced.

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The solution

Foxtrot Health provides a comprehensive solution to diagnose, treat, and prevent mild cognitive decline. Their innovative approach utilises generative AI-based cognitive assessments, using the same scientifically verified approaches used in clinical settings, while also offering regular and personalised assessments tailored to each individual's life, interests, and cognition. 

Users can test their cognition levels and receive cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to gain insights into how other aspects of their health impact cognition, along with personalised recommendations for improvement. Going forward, Foxtrot Health will introduce more accurate cognitive testing, followed by enabling telehealth diagnosis, and eventually a digital therapeutic with a telehealth care management plan and CBT design. 

By building a large database of cognition data and modelling cognition per patient, Foxtrot Health aims to identify individuals at higher risk of cognitive decline at an earlier stage.

The team

Daniel Kelly (Co-Founder)

Daniel brings a wealth of experience in technology and innovation to Foxtrot. Previous roles include four and a half years at Google, having been part of the founding team of Google Glass as well as an automation engineer on a robot surgery project. More recently, he led a multidisciplinary team at Amazon to launch an innovative virtual tour project.

Miguel Madero (Co-Founder)

Miguel’s DNA is in entrepreneurship and innovation. He was Director of Growth, Product, and Engineering at Zenefits, the HR unicorn, during a critical period in the company’s growth.  Prior to that, he worked as a Principal Engineer at Practice Fusion, where he was responsible for developing products related to clinical trials, electronic prescriptions, clinical decision support systems, lab integrations, and recording clinical data. On top of all this, Miguel is a serial product founder, building products from personal fitness apps to EHR software.

Why we’re excited to invest

Claire Mongeau, investor at Founders Factory, says: “We're incredibly excited to invest in Foxtrot Health, a cognitive health platform tackling the critical issue of cognitive decline in older adults. We believe Daniel and Miguel's approach will simplify early diagnosis of cognitive decline, empower patients to manage the condition, and significantly slow its progression. I'm excited to work with the team as they grow and scale to more individuals across the US and beyond."

What Foxtrot Health wants to get out of the programme

  • We are thrilled to collaborate with Founders Factory to pioneer the "brain health revolution." This revolution will be a combination of medical advancements and consumer empowerment. Our current goal involves developing better tools to assess, diagnose, and treat the very early stages of cognitive impairment. However, it's equally important to spread a public health message highlighting the importance of lifelong cognitive monitoring. 

  • Founders Factory is well-positioned to help us accelerate our product and market strategies within the medical landscape. Simultaneously, their expertise will prove invaluable in shaping our branding and marketing approaches, ensuring our initiatives resonate with the consumer demographic.

  • We have also been endlessly impressed with the team at Founders Factory. The depth and breadth they bring to every conversation is impressive. Early stage startups are notoriously difficult. We are excited to leverage all of the expertise at Founders Factory to accelerate every aspect of our business.

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