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Early bird deadline: 29th March 2019
Final deadline: 10th April 2019

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Founders Factory, in collaboration with L’Oréal, has built and scaled some of the most successful beauty tech startups since our launch in 2016.

Our investments include Sampler, Slick and Riviter. We have helped them realise their potential by working closely with L’Oréal who bring the deep sector expertise and global scale that set these businesses on the path to success.

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We enable beauty startups to achieve their potential

Together with L’Oréal, we have

beauty investments
paid pilots with L'Oréal
pilots with wider ecosystem
commercial contracts
raised so far

Our investment themes

Big Data, AI & Voice

Companies working on the collection, modelling, management and visualization of data; machine learning & data science. Companies that provide in-house data science tools

  • Trendspotting, product development, advertising & targeting, meta-data and data visualisation
  • Sources of data include e-commerce, retail, social, customer profiling and suppliers
  • New sources of data such as from connected devices (e.g. IoT, mirrors, wearables), video content or voice

E-commerce Platforms and Enablers

Tools to optimise e-commerce efforts.

  • Tools for campaign optimisation, tracking and retargeting across channels; bridge offline and online efforts; customer profiling
  • Subscription models; gifting & sampling
  • UX/UI automation and personalisation tools
  • Process optimisation; order tracking; click & collect, one-click checkout

Retail Experience as a Service

Innovating and optimising the retail experience for customers while improving efficiency and insights.

  • Bridging offline & online commerce for re-engagement & targeting; personalisation of services and experiences
  • Omnichannel retail experience increasing conversion rates online/offline


Augmented Reality mainly for the purpose of an enhanced end-customer experience and engagement; there could also be solutions around the workplace/salon of the future.

  • Gamification and engagement around campaigns
  • Education and professional use cases, e.g. in salons

Content Creation

Tools to power content strategy, including the creation, dissemination and monetisation of content as well as discovering new media and channels.

  • More scalable content creation and distribution
  • Product & fashion shootings: Production and planning; communication and coordination across brands and geographies
  • New forms and media: Video; user-created and curated content

Social and Influencer

Optimise current social media efforts, as well as new ways to engage with different channels and audiences.

  • Influencer-driven content & product development
  • Influencer or expert driven conversion
  • Social media campaign optimisation & automation; analytics & prediction; cross-platform strategies


  • Bridging online and offline by collecting data across channels and building an individual customer persona.
  • Product personalisation either through processes, formulas or packaging; both in-store and at home

If you are an ambitious founder, aiming to address a market gap in the beauty space.

Early bird deadline: 29th March 2019.

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Final deadline: 10th April 2019.

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Vidsy is helping L’Oréal transform their digital advertising through videos.

VIDSY's Creative platform is helping L'Oréal maximise the value of their existing brands assets; creating best-in-class video ads across all digital channels at scale.

Since joining Founders Factory program, we have supported Vidsy on more than 45 campaigns with L’Oréal and many more pilots with other corporates such as Barclays, M&S, Kingfisher and more.

Vidsy has enabled L'Oréal to improve ad performance across multiple brands, while reducing the time, complexity and internal resources required to achieve it!

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Our network and reach within L’Oréal

Start-ups don't win commercial contracts just through interacting with digital and innovation teams, they need to have regular touch points with day-to-day operational teams. We get that. We spent 5 years extending the breadth and depth of our networks within corporates to make sure we can unlock any potential pilots and contracts founders can achieve with our corporates.

Start-ups will have more than 20+ touch points to meet many C-level executives in L’Oréal over the 6 month period through exclusive events: global CMO days, portfolio days and many other occasions.

Lubomira Rochet
Chief Digital Officer of L’Oréal Group
Vismay Sharma
MD, UK & Ireland L’Oréal
Stephane Berube
CMO Western Europe
Camille Kroely
Global Head of Digital Services & Open Innovation
Sam Crossman
Chief Digital Officer, UK
Ann Massal
L'Oréal Digital corporate SVP
Jaime Del Valle Sansierra
CMO, Open Innovation & Digital Services at L'Oréal
Kate Catanzano
Senior Open Innovation Project Manager at L'Oréal
Thomas Dessallien
Digital Director France

Beauty Case Studies

Get Slick

Slick is helping 200 L’Oréal salons manage their bookings and revenue just after 8 months of launch

Slick is a hair salon booking platform developed in collaboration with L’Oréal.

L’Oréal PPD commercial team ran a 3 month campaign where their team of 50 field reps actively pushed Slick to their salons. Kérastase launched a similar campaign with their 30 business development experts.

The Integration of the ‘L’Oréal salon locators tool’ with Slick is allowing consumers to book appointments online directly from the L’Oréal professional website

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Sampler is helping more than 10 L’Oréal brands manage their Global product sampling strategy.

Sampler is a self-serve digital product sampling solution for brand and agency marketers, facilitate brands to target sampling demographics, fulfilment, delivery and retargeting.

Sampler is helping L’Oréal brands to manage their global sampling strategy. Brands Sampler have helped so far is La Roche Posay, Vichy, Lancome, Cerave etc.

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Operates in 150 countries

€26.9bn sales 2018 (€4.68bn profit)

23% of the global cosmetics market