Body scanning technology to provide highly personalised fit and virtual try-on to shoppers

Texel joined Founders Factory to define their product and enter the UK market. Their first pilot was with leading UK retailer M&S; with 300 users and brilliant press, Texel was able to raise their profile in the UK, raise investment and create a strong pipeline of other UK and European retailers.


Successful pilots with M&S


Raised after the program


National coverage

“Running a business is very much like running a marathon. If you want to set a record you have to have a strategy, the right mental and physical conditioning, resources and a bit of lack. FF team is your pacemaker, trainer and motivator. They have the right tools and experience to bring your business on the next level. Founders who are running along create an amazing atmosphere of sharing knowledge, expertise and support. Lace-up and get moving!”

Sergey Klimentyev, Founder and CEO

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Dr Kyle Grant and Tom de Wilton, Co-founders

"Founders Factory's accelerator turned out to be a real leg-up for our business. We received mentorship from some of the best minds at Reckitt Benckiser (RB), and we're soon to launch a game-changing partnership with one of their household brands.

Not to mention how Founders Factory equipped us with the skills and know-how to scale our business into two new cities and hire our first team. "

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